About Alpha2Sigma

Alpha2Sigma is the leading pattern recognition-based trading alert system founded by a team of Chartered Accountants with passion for finance and capital markets, our alert service is based on algorithms that intuitively recognize patterns in the market. Each alert is systematic, unemotional and data-driven, resulting in specific entry and exit points.

Our team consists of highly skilled developers having an average of 5+ years of professional experience. We specialize in developing algo trading systems for brokers, traders and portfolio managers.

What we do?

We ignite change by bringing industry insights, break-through technologies, high caliber talent and various digital transformation practices to your trading system. Our enthusiasm has led us to become a top tier software company delivering customized solutions leveraging futuristic technologies.

We empower our clients with our certified tech experts who work with highest levels of dedication and diligence to deliver a plethora of trading solutions. We are committed to guarantee our clients significant savings on impact cost combined with faster execution.

If you share our passion for finance, markets and money, connect with us.


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