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The Trader's Way

In this Class, I’m going to show you how you can become a god-level technical analyst and predict the next move in the market with total confidence.

Course Instructor Manish Thole


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Course Overview

Key features:

  • Holding your hands throughout till you become expert in generating your own investment ideas through a series of weekly mentoring webinars for A MONTH.
  • In-depth practical approach towards learning with the help of real time trades.
  • Get access to files of PROVEN SETUPS (Long Term, Mid-Term, Short Term)
  • Regular updates through broadcast messages & support through regular webinars.
  • Regular updates about newly introduced tools & techniques.
  • All topics PDF, position sizing calculator along with all the screeners link will be provided after joining the program.

Schedule of Classes

Start Date & End Date

Oct 14 2022 - Nov 30 2022

Course Curriculum

1 Subject

The Trader's Way (free webinar)

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Basics of Technical Analysis & Fundamental Analysis.

How Trading And Market Works

One/Two/Three Candlestick Pattern

Guide to Support - Resistance And Trading Breakouts - Breakdowns

Flag & Pole Pattern - Pennant Pattern

Trend Indicator - Moving Average/Donchain Channel/DMI

Learn Momentum Indicators- MACD, RSI

Megha camp - Mean reversion Finale

Course Instructor

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Manish Thole

5 Courses   •   107 Students

We have the objective of building financial discipline in the masses by simplifying Stock Market Education and Financial concepts. Manish Thole is the spearhead in this mission. With his 5 years of experience in teaching more than 500 students in-person and more than 3,000 students online, we are driven to make a change and that is why we are Gardeners of your curiosity!. This courses on this website are meant for educational purposes only.